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نقشہ پر ایک علاقہ ڈرا کریں اور مطلوبہ پراپرٹی تلاش کریں

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Pak-e-Property  is  Enterprise  Web  Listing  Portal  in  Pakistan  Real  Estate  Industry.    Pak-e-Property's  Slogan  is   " Click  or  Call   We  do  it  All "                     We  are  providing  Property  Location  &  Real  Estate  Agencies  location  on  Google  MAPS.                     We  have  introduced  a  new  feature  " Draw ".  In  which  you  can  draw  a  shape  on   Google MAPS  &  find  the  properties  in  a  specific  drawn  area.                                We  are  providing  Online  Auction  Rooms  for  Real  Estate  Agents  for  the  first  time  in  Pakistan.                             First  time  in  pakistan  we  are providing  Real  Time  Communications  Solutions  in  Real  Estate  Sector.                      We  are  offering  our  Registered  Users  &  Real  Estate  Agents  communication  services  all  over  the  world.      Live  Chat,            Audio  &  Video  Call,                     Audio  and  Video  internet  meeting,             Property   Assessments.            For  Overseas  &  Local  Registered  User,  we  provide  100%  Free  Property  Price  Assessment,  with  most  Accurate  market  prices .            " Click  or  Call   We  do  it  All ".


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    Browse All Kind of Properties on Portal Using Google MAPS. Which Enables User to Draw and Navigate

  • Real Estate Agents

    Real Estate Agents

    Real Estate Agents on pakeproperty.com are Top-Rated Local Experts in Your Area Search

  • Communication


    First-Time in Real Estate Sector Pak E Property Introduces Real Time Business 2 Business Tools, Audio, Video Conferences, Online Chat

  • Auction Room

    Auction Room

    Pak E Property is offering Unique Feature for Top 200 Agents of Pakistan In Order To Be Part of Bidding Process

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    User Can Find Diverse Latest Development Projects Across Pakistan. Which Helps Developers & Buyers to Go Through More Options

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Pak E Property is the first innovative pakistan real estate web portal with new dimensions in the sector, aiming to provide easy access to buyer and seller for any kind of property. Our portal is equipped with the state of the art services and user friendly experience which enables them to explore more than property listings. In order to get into highly competitive market Pak E Property website is enabled with automated tools for Agents and consumer's connectivity, furthermore we are working one step ahead in the market to offer unmatched services in future. Pak E Property is home of professionally trained employees which contributes in our growth culture.
Pak E Property is offering diversified options for Real Estate Agent and customers in Pakistan.
1. Free listings of property
2. Real Estate Auction Room
3. Property Assessment
4. Project Modelling
5. Communications tools
6. Pak E Property integration with Google Maps Services.
7. Real Estate Business Directory
8. Pak E Property Real Estate Analytics Report
Pak E Property is designed on concept of global village. As we introduced communications tools in order to move ahead in matured market of online property portal in Pakistan. For the 1st time in Pakistan we are offering state of the art communication system for Agents as well as consumers. Pak E Property is providing live chat, chat rooms, audio call, video call and internet meeting for corporate clients globally.
Auction room
Pak E Property has developed innovative way of buying and selling property in Pakistan giving access to Agents for online auction. Traditionally in real estate sector 80% of the business is carried out by Agents 2 Agent | Investors. We have designed online bidding system in such a way where members feel secure and safe regarding their properties. Top real estate agents of Pakistan will be able to access this service.