Fair market rates of property in Pakistan


To eliminate uncertainty and unreliability in real estate of Pakistan. FBR has introduced the solution of fair market price of property. This is basically used to determine the tax on the property according to tax principles. The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) will take help from a panel of valuers approved by the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) for ascertaining fair market value of a property for determination of charge ability of income tax.

In the Finance Act 2016, the government inserted a new sub-section to Section 68 of Income Tax Ordinance, 2001 stating that the fair market value of immovable property shall be determined on the basis of valuation made by a panel of approved valuers of the SBP.

Fair market value on property or rent, asset, service, prerequisite or benefit  at a particular time should be exactly the same as property rent is ordinarily fetch on sale in an open market at that time. This is all explained in section 68.

In this issue of fair market value, the tax officials said that all the real estate stakeholders have agreed on this solution. According to the mutually agreed solution, 50pc of the contrast between the gatherer/DC rate and market rate will be added to the current authority rate. After expansion to the gatherer rate, the new rate will be considered as reasonable incentive for the following two to four years for tax assessment purposes.

In the financial plan for 2016-17, the taxable period for capitals on transfer of immovable property was reached out up to five years. Furthermore, a level 10pc charge has been made material on the vender of the relentless property, on the off chance that he sells it inside five years of its buy. by making changes in Section 68 of the Income Tax Ordinance, 2001, the undertaking of deciding honest cost of property has been given to proficient valuers endorsed by the SBP.

Another duty official said that the land affiliations needed the FBR to conduct city-wise valuation tables as opposed to approving the SBP to assess properties through its valuers.

In a few urban communities, the authority esteem is much lower than the real market rate. This variety exists inside between and intra-urban communities the nation over.

On the issue of exchanges made before July 1, an extraordinary rate will be settled in the scope of 3pc to 4pc to announce a property at real cost on a one-time premise. It has been suggested that expense will be paid on the measure of distinction between the announced cost and genuine cost.

An Assistant to the Prime Minister on Revenue Haroon Akhtar Khan disclosed to Dawn that the administration needed to settle the issue to put the land business back on track. He said the FBR needed the land partners to announce the genuine cost of their exchanges.

The SBP has officially declared a 106-part endorsed board of property valuers. Nineteen of them have been allowed to decide the honest cost of a property of boundless sum, 59 for a property worth up to Rs1.5bn and 28 others for a property worth close to Rs500m.

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