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Are you looking to buy or sell a plot, an apartment or to build your dream house as per your expectations?
Then this is the right place for you to find all these things instantly! No matter what your goal is. We provide quality services to find a plot, house or your dream apartment with the latest features and modern architectural designs within your affordable price range. Here you can discover your dream properties in Pakistan, visit our online portal for more details.

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Are you interested in a commercial or residential property, Buying an Commercial apartment. A plot for sale or building your dream house to your exact specifications?

Then this is the right place for you!

No matter what your goal is, we provide quality apartments, houses, and plots with the latest features, improvements, and architectural designs all within your affordable price range.

Here you can discover your dream properties in Pakistan based on city and area all from the comfort of your home.

Be sure to visit our online channel.

All property listing

In this segment you can see all types of listed properties, available on our portal. You can easily find your desired property of any city by using our advanced search features. Various type of search options are available on our portal for user to get better and quick results.

Recent property

Recently listed property will be tagged as Recent on top of left corner. All recently listed Agricultural, Commercial and Residential property will be available in this segment. By using this feature, Buying and Selling exact and recently listed property is very convenient.

Hot property

Hot Listed Property will be remain on top of every category. User can find all Hot Listed sale, rent and wanted properties in this segment. All types of Agricultural, Commercial and Residential hot property listing will be available for user convenience. User can find effective results by using Hot Property listing.

Ad-verified property

Now a days in Real Estate portals, user pointed wrong location and upload wrong pictures of property. We have designed Ad Verified app to decrease this issue. When user list their ad your property ad by using our verified app, property location and picture will be verified by our system and we assign Verified tag to that property listing. Our verified tag on ad listing will be beneficial for selling and buying property. For more details, you can visit our app ‘PakEproperty’ on Google Play Store.

Real Estate Listing

Browse All Kind of Properties on Portal Using Google MAPS. Which Enables User to Draw and Navigate

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How to add listing and promote viewership

  • Step:1

    Open login form

  • Step:2

    Enter valid email and password

  • Step:3

    Click on add property

  • Step:4

    Enter the details of your property

  • Step:5

    Select location on google maps

  • Step:6

    Upload images of your property

  • Step:7

    Select features of your property

  • Step:8

    Property added successfully

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Three Type of Listing Display for Property Finder, Easily, Filmier & fasted Used.

  • Grid mode

  • Listing mode

  • Map mode

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