Water Level rises in Khanpur Dam


TAXILA: The monsoon rains have raised the water level in the Khanpur Dam by 17 feet.Water and Power Development Authority (Wapda) official Irfan Khattak said the water in the reservoirs is increasing as it passes through each catchment area, especially in the galliyat and Murree, where it rains heavily almost every day. He said the recent increase in water level has reduced the chances of a water shortage till the next monsoon.

He added that the water level before the rains was 1,920 feet above mean sea level (AMSL), just10 above the dead level at 1,910 feet AMSL. The water has now risen to 1,937 feet AMSL.

He said that the inflow had increased to 1,000 cusecs during the rainfall and on Monday the inflow was recorded at 390 cusecs. Before the rains, the inflow was 85 cusecs per day.


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