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About Gujrat

Date Of Built: 1303       

 Population Ranking in Pakistan:  

Area:      3192 Km2          

Union Councils in Gujrat: 18

Gujrat height from sea level:  243m

Population: 2.756 million             

Gujrat postal code: 50700.

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Gujrat, is a district of Punjab Province in Pakistan. Gujrat is an ancient district located in between two famous rivers, the Jhelum and Chenab. Gujrat is surrounded on the North-East by Jammu and Kashmir, on the North-West by river Jhelum which separates it from Jhelum district, on the East and South-East by river Chenab, separating it from the districts of Gujranwala and Sialkot, and on the West by Mandi Baha Uddin district. District Gujrat spreads over an area of 3,192 square kilometers.

This district has moderate climate, which is hot in summer and cold in winter. During peak summer, the day temperature shoots up to 45 °C, but the hot spells are comparatively shorter due to proximity of Azad Kashmir Mountains. The winter months are very pleasant and the minimum temperature may fall below 2 °C. The average rain-fall on the Kashmir border is over 100 cm, at Kharian it is 75 cm and at Gujrat it is 67 cm.


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