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Date Of Built:    1876

 Population Ranking in Pakistan:  10th

Area:     2656 Km2           

Union Councils in Quetta: 09

Quetta height from sea level:  1679m

Population: 1001205      

Quetta (The Fruit Garden of Pakistan & Little London)

Quetta postal code: 87300.

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Quetta is the provincial capital and largest city of Baluchistan, Pakistan. It has a population of 1,001,205 according to the 2017 census, while Quetta District has a population of 2,275,699. The city is known as the fruit garden of Pakistan because of the numerous fruit orchards in and around it. A large varieties of dry fruits are also produced here. Quetta is situated at an average altitude of 1,679 meters above sea level, making it Pakistan's only high-altitude major city. Located in northwestern Balochistan near the Pakistan-Afghanistan border, Quetta is a trade and communication Centre between the two countries. The city lies on the Bolan Pass route which was once one of the major gateways from Central Asia to South Asia. It is believed that it relates to the four imposing hills (Zarghun Ghar, Chiltan, Takatu, and Murdaar) that surround the city and form a natural bulwark.

The first historic information about Quetta is from 11th century, when it was captured by Sultan Mahmud Ghaznavi during his invasion of South Asia. In 1543, Mughal emperor Humayun came to Quetta end route to Safavid Persia, leaving his son and future Mughal emperor Akbar here. In 1709, the region was a part of Afghan Hotak dynasty and stayed a part until 1747 when Ahmed Shah Durrani conquered it and made it a part of Durrani Empire. First time European visited Quetta in 1828, describing it as mud-walled fort surrounded by three hundred mud houses.

In 1876 Quetta was incorporated into British controlled territories of the subcontinent. British Troops constructed the infrastructure for their establishment as it was a strategic location. By the time of the earthquake on 31 May 1935 Quetta had developed into a bustling city with a number of multistorey buildings and was known as "Little London". The epicenter of the earthquake was close to the city and destroyed most of the city’s infrastructure and killed almost 40,000 people.


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