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About Sheikhupura

Area:       5,960 Km2          

Union Councils in Shekhupura: 51

Shekhupura height from sea level:  236m

Population: 3.46 million.      

Shekhupura calling code: 39350.

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Shekhupura  is a city the Pakistani province of Punjab. Founded by the MughalEmperor Jehangir in 1607, Sheikhupura is now the 17th largest city in Pakistan and is the headquarters of Sheikhupura District. The city is an industrial center, and satellite town.

The predominant language of the district is Punjabi, which according to the 1998 census results for the tehsils of Sheikhupura, Ferozewala and Safdarabad, is the first language of 98% of the population, while Urdu is the first language of 1.1%.

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