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Date Of Built:    1591

Population Ranking in Pakistan:  8th

Area: 319 km2

Union Councils in Hyderabad:20

Hyderabad height from sea level:  13 M

Population: 1,386,330  

Hyderabad (BANGLE BAZAR )

Hyderabad postal code: 71000.

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Hyderabad is a city located in the Sindh province of Pakistan. Located 140 kilometers east of Karachi, Hyderabad is the 2nd largest in Sindh province, and the 8th largest city in Pakistan. Founded in 1768 by Mian Ghulam Shah Kalhoro of the Kalhora Dynasty, Hyderabad served as the Kalhoro, and later Talpur, capital until the British transferred to capital to Karachi in 1843.

The city was named in honour of Ali, the fourth caliph and cousin of the Prophet Muhammad. Hyderabad's name translates literally as "Lion City" - from haydar, meaning "lion," and ?b?d, which is a suffix indicating a settlement. "Lion" references Ali's valour in battle, and so he is often referred to as Ali Haydar, roughly meaning "Ali the Lionheart," by South Asian Muslims.

The River Indus was changing course around 1757, resulting in periodic floods of the then capital of the Kalhora dynasty, Khudabad. Mian Ghulam Shah Kalhoro decided to shift the capital away from Khudabad, and founded Hyderabad in 1768 over a limestone ridge on the eastern bank of the Indus River known as Ganjo Takkar, or "Bald Hill." The small hill is traditionally believed to have been the location of the ancient settlement of Neroon Kot, a town which had fallen to the armies of Muhammad Bin Qasim in 711 CE. When the foundations were laid, the city came to be known by the nickname Heart of the Mehran.

Devotees of Imam Ali advised Mian Ghulam Shah Kalhoro to name the city in honour of their Imam. The Shah of Iran later gifted the city a stone which purportedly bears the imprint of Ali's feet. The stone was placed in the Qadamgah Maula Ali, which then became a place of pilgrimage.


                                                                   Hyderabad Union Councils


  Masu  Bhughri

  Sawan Khan Gopan




  Tandu Alam Mari


 Tandu Haider



 Musa Khatiyan

 Tandu Qaiser



 Tandu Fazal






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